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2014 Beyond the Beaten Path!

Mistress of the Dark Hours

The 2014 Beyond the Beaten Path has come to a close.

Our sincerest gratitude to all attendees and participants.

It was an incredible year with movies and screenplays that went way beyond!

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you!

Congratulations and gratitude to all participants, entrants, official selections, award winners, attendees, volunteers and everyone involved!

We hope to see you back next year!

2014 Beyond the Film Fest
Award Announcements

Note: Award winners will receive an additional
email about the award in the next few days.


Best Feature:
Missing Child

Best Short:
The Conversation

Best Long-Form Screenplay (unproduced):
Fever, Eric Borden

Best Short-Form Screenplay (unproduced):
Recovery, Dan Boomgarden

Best Actor:
Lukas Hassel (Into the Dark)

Best Actress:
Tara Price (The Routine)

Jury Prize for the Most Beyond:
All the Marbles

Audience Choice:
All the Marbles!

(Congratulations to all Official Selections!)


The 2014 Beyond the Beaten Path Film Festival presented by the SoCal Film Fest has been an annual event since 2005, celebrating the strange, unusual, often funny, and sometimes horrific.

We exhibit movies and screenplays, shorts, features and documentary films that go further than the mainstream and “Beyond the Beaten Path.” Join us for another year of oddities in filmmaking!

We welcome any genre of movies that is odd and unusual, particularly horror, sci-fi, suspense, paranormal, and experimental.



We will be sending out an additional email shortly with additional instructions for all official selections.

Click here for schedules, showtimes and descriptions. Movie programs are $7 each or $15 for an all-day viewing pass.

Movie Title ….. Director

  • A Case of the Reincarnation Type ….. Kris Melewski
  • A Christmas Walk ….. Phillip Mosness
  • All The Marbles ….. Dar Warison
  • Aquarius ….. Mark Auerbach
  • Blackened ….. Dave Drinkwater
  • Blowout ….. Mark Falls
  • Charlie’s Place ….. Antonio C. Esposito
  • City of the Dead ….. HanXiong Bo
  • Dream Shreds ….. M. Chendler
  • Inflection Point ….. Jose Angel Larrieta Arteaga
  • Into the Dark ….. Lukas Hassel
  • Kaleido Brujas ….. Steven McGuire
  • Kung Fu Chicken ….. Khoa Vu
  • Missing Child ….. Luke Sabis
  • Modworld ….. Jeff Turboff
  • Naked Zombie Girl ….. Rickey Bird, Jr.
  • Ninja Laundry ….. Steve Gossett
  • Olanzapine ….. William  Lu
  • One Gun ….. Adam Schafer
  • OperHator ….. Tara-Nicole Azarian
  • Rose, Mary and Time ….. Hardeep Giani
  • Screw ….. Angus Ware
  • Sins of the Father ….. Rachel Howard
  • Somatic Self ….. Jillian Iscaro
  • Stranger ….. Jeremiah  Kipp
  • Sturm ….. Noemi Schneider
  • Subsurface Flow ….. Carl Bird McLaughlin
  • The Conversation ….. Chris Reese
  • The Moment ….. Judson Vaughan
  • The Routine ….. Brian  Groh
  • The Sleep of Reason ….. Tim Halo
  • The Zombie’s Trip ….. Nick Zounis


We will be sending out an additional email shortly with additional instructions for all official selections.

Title, Writer, Category

  • A Tell-Tale Heart ….. Stephen M. Hunt, Short Form Screenplays
  • Don’t Be Afraid Of The Light ….. Jason Rostovsky, Short Form Screenplays
  • Fever ….. Eric Borden, Long Form Screenplays
  • God’s Apology ….. Jennifer Hightower, Long Form Screenplays
  • Good Blood ….. Anthony McHie, Long Form Screenplays
  • Ishmael’s Son ….. Nelson Blish, Long Form Screenplays
  • Last Ride of the Carver ….. Eric Borden, Short Form Screenplays
  • Murmansk Run ….. Wendy Joseph, Long Form Screenplays
  • National Pastime ….. David Lieto, Short Form Screenplays
  • Oh, Brother ….. Emily Komiyama, Short Form Screenplays
  • Recovery ….. Dan Boomgarden, Short Form Screenplays
  • Sardis the Merciful ….. Christian Thomas, Long Form Screenplays
  • Slitzkrieg ….. Jason Petrovitch, Long Form Screenplays
  • The Cat Lady of Gramercy ….. Jonathan Weichsel, Long Form Screenplays
  • The Invitation ….. April Wolak, Short Form Screenplays
  • The Yellow Clown ….. Steve Deery, Short Form Screenplays


  • A Dark Rome ….. Andres Rafael Zabala


To celebrate 10 years of Beyond the Beaten Path, we are giving this event the expansion it deserves with a wild celebration of movies and events for three days (May 8-10), with May 10 being a day of movies in the theater,  followed by an Online Celebration for two weeks from May 11-25, 2014.

Give us your horror, your sci-fi, your strange, your unusual – we celebrate those who find themselves in the back of beyond!

This is the first year in its nine-year history that the Beyond the Beaten Path film screening series will branch off and move out of its usual fall screening period.  Additionally, we will be adding discussions, parties, special screenings, and for the first time — Awards!


Our sincerest gratitude to illustrator Kyle Roberts and colorist John Ercek for the “Mistress of the Dark Hours” poster for this year’s event. More of Roberts’ work can be seen at

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Beyond the Beaten Path

Official Selection: Naked Zombie Girl

Official Selection: Missing Child

Official Selection: Olanzapine